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Your organization shouldn't have to stop everything...just to build a new website.

We take care of development, content transfer, support, brand compliance, software and security updates, and hosting. You focus on everything else. We have your website update covered.

  • "We are very thankful we made the switch when we did, as we would not have been able to use the old site as we are now to manage through this crisis."

    Melissa Everhart, Project Manager, Indiana Alliance of YMCAs

Q: What is SOCIY? / `so - she / *

A: Sociy is a website platform specifically tailored for YMCAs.

* The Latin “socii” which comes from the plural ‘socius’ - meaning ‘allies or partners’.

YMCAs we [ have worked / are working ] with ...

We've been privileged to work with many YMCA organizations across the country. Through that experience, we have developed a very special understanding and appreciation for two things: what Ys need & the services they provide. We are confident that we understand your Association better than any other website company. With that knowledge, we want to help you operate at your highest potential online.

“Thank you for all your help! We're excited for our members to have a better experience on the web, and we couldn't have done it without you!”
- Alexa, YMCA of Greater Michiana
“I started off not being a super technology savvy person, but after using Sociy and having their great support team walk me through different situations I feel confident that we have created a fun and easy website for our members to use! If you are not using Sociy then you should switch!”
- Corinne, YMCA of Abilene
“Still loving our new website thanks to SOCIY! Check them out if you're shopping for one & be sure to visit ours!”
- Amanda, Goldsboro Family YMCA
"It's so easy to use, I can't believe we haven't found something like this until now ... it's simple, it's clean & I love that I can control what I need to."
- Kaitlyn, Randolph YMCA
"It has been easy to learn & to use. Night and Day different from updating our old site."
- Amy, Sewickley Valley YMCA
"What used to take me 20 minutes to do, I can now do in 20 seconds! SOCIY has definitely made my life easier."
- Maegan, YMCA of Monroe County
"Everyone at SOCIY has been nothing but helpful and we are getting such positive feedback from our staff and members about the website. It has really made a huge difference in Program attendance & membership."
- Sara, YMCA of Callaway County

Don't Just Tell Me ... Show Me.

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Sometimes it's just easier to see it, and we would be more than happy to oblige. Schedule Your Presentation to not only get all the relevant information, but to see the platform in action. Live examples, relevant screenshots, features & pricing, and most important, time for questions and background on your association's needs.

If you're serious about making a decision for a better YMCA website, a demo allows us to cover it all. Let's talk!

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