Get in the game with a site that converts.

Your website is the single most powerful marketing tool you could possibly be using.

It’s working for you night and day, attracting customers, sharing information, and creating community. And while having a pretty, responsive, brand compliant site works great, having one that offers integration with your membership & program registrations is what will really set you apart online.

With SOCIY, you get a high-tech back-end system that can leverage your three greatest online revenue sources: Program Registrations, Memberships and Donations. SOCIY’s flexible web platform delivers:

  • Secure, online marketing that’s always-on and transaction-ready
  • Equally-capable desktop and mobile sites
  • Intuitive registration, payment and donation options
  • Integration of online payments with background business systems
  • Comprehensive calendar and programming tools supported by one source of content

Overhauling your site is a project you may have been putting off. But let’s face it ... this is the next step for your association's website, and we can help you through every step of it. We've launched Y sites that now have over 50% of all program participants register and pay online. If you don’t have a website that accepts registrations and payments online, the truth is, you’re missing out.

Daxko Integrations, CCC Integrations, Active Integrations, Personify Integrations ... we've done it! If you use them, we'll integrate with them.

With SOCIY, you’ll get:

  • An increased top and bottom-line through: acquisition, retention and integration
  • Higher efficiency for you and your staff through automated processes
  • A fantastic communications tool that informs, engages and converts
  • More participation through easy program sign-ups and payments
  • Reduced manual processes, bottlenecks and expenses
  • Better Engagement with prospects and members, enhancing community

If it sounds like a game changer, it’s because it is.

Boost your bottom line. And realize the possibilities that come from partnering with a YMCA-site specialist.

We Are SOCIY. Forward Together.

Want to Know More About SOCIY?

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